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We understand what it takes to run a busy, complex kitchen. Every decision adds up to significantly impact your margin, and our solutions help you make those decisions with more speed and confidence.

ByteShift can solve a major issue across all of our
restaurants: schedule deviations. Our managers were too
busy to watch the clock while overseeing orders, so we only
caught compliance issues after they happened. With real
-time, SMS alerts through ByteShift, our managers are
able to catch overtime, break penalties, and time theft
issues before they happen.

Operations Director,
14 Unit Chain

ByteCheck has had a transformative impact on our
kitchen. Our ratings have risen across all locations and
we’ve saved thousands of dollars by preventing lost
sales and reducing food waste.
Being able to manage the kitchens remotely has freed up
my time considerably and I can now focus on growing my
brand. Given my experience, we are piloting all the other
modules and look forward to signing up for the entire KOS.

Andrew Johnstone, Owner,
The Little Chihuahua

“We piloted ByteCheck in our Chestnut location which
was in a complete rebuild with new GM/KM team and
70% new team over 6 months. I quoted Jay Z to them
before the pilot – if you can make it here, you can make it
anywhere. It worked so well that we are now taking it
to all 6 of our locations.”

Vice President of Ops,
6 Unit Restaurant

ByteCater is the most innovative product on the market I have
seen in years. We have always stopped at two catering
platforms because anytime we add a third, the complexity
becomes too much to handle for our team and we have to
send a manager to the location.
ByteCater will enable us to add more platforms by
standardizing the catering workflow and we’ve already
signed up to pilot it for our three busiest catering locations.

Multi-Unit Indian Chain

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Assign tasks, track progress through real-time reports, and receive images of your kitchen and front-of-house to manage from anywhere.


Optimize kitchen efficiency with automated prep lists, accurate food-costing, and streamlined purchasing, all in one place.


Save time and forecast smarter by using customizable schedule templates. Leverage real-time alerts to keep your forecasted labor numbers and actual labor numbers in sync.


We create labels, update catering calendars, and communicate prep needs per order so you can unlock more revenue.