Our Story

We were operating three restaurants when we realized we needed software in our kitchens.

But when looking at the product marketplace, we faced some challenges. 

First, our POS system did not fill our software requirements. We signed up with six different companies to meet our needs and ended up with siloed data and integration issues. 

Second, the existing solutions weren’t built with the end users (kitchen teams) in mind. This led to clunky onboarding, low adoption, and an impatient culture between managers and employees.

These factors led us to develop our own products based on the massive gaps in products and usability. 

Our team members, with decades of leadership experience in the back and front-of-house, received feedback that our problems were also affecting tons of restaurants out there. After months of iterations in our kitchens, we’re now ready to help serve restaurants.

How can we serve you?

Our Advisors

Bruce Dean


Black Bear Diner

Edna Morris


Red Lobster

Mistie Boulton


Oren’s Hummus

Shawn Tsao



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