The all-in-one restaurant operating system

Quick service and fast casual restaurants are held up by a "Jenga Tower" of technology. See how our unified products drive operational excellence across leading restaurant brands.
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The first unified restaurant operating system actually built for restaurant teams
Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems.

Our platform unites your operations, from inventory management and staff scheduling to streamlining catering orders and recipe management.

Avoid headaches, get more time back each day, and have smoother, more efficient operations across all your locations.
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Easiest onboarding and training process vs. competition
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Automatic Spanish translations with a click
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Proactive alerts sent to the right people at the right time
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Proven performance across restaurants
60% faster
Teams using ByteCheck complete their daily tasks more accurately and quicker vs. paper check lists
25 hours back every month
Average time saved on organizing and communicating catering orders with ByteCater
BytePrep optimizes your prep list and order guides so you can reduce waste, ensure your team preps the right amount at the right time, and make smarter purchase decisions.
Based on avg. food waste budget for a $2M ARR unit between 2-8%.
Save time and money
Catch product and equipment issues before it's too late without having to be on site
Increase customer satisfaction and employee retention
We make things easy to organize and manage so there are less emergencies, which leads to happier guests and employees
“ByteCater is the most innovative product on the market I have seen in years. It will enable us to add more catering platforms by standardizing catering workflows.”
Akash Kapoor
Founer & CEO, Curry Up Now
"We piloted ByteCheck in our SF location with a brand new GM, Kitchen Manager, and 70% new hires in 6 months. The impact was immediate. We signed the contract and went live in all other locations within a week."  
Vice President of Ops
6 Unit QSR Chain
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Customers love us

"ByteCheck has had a transformative impact on our kitchen. Our ratings have risen across all locations and we've saved thousands of dollars by preventing lost sales and reducing food waste. Being able to manage the kitchens remotely has freed up my time considerably and I can now focus on growing my brand. Given my experience, we have already signed a contract for ByteShift and are piloting the two others products."
Andrew Johnstone,
Owner, The Little Chihuahua
See Byte Kitchen in action today
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Reduce food waste and increase consistency
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Train employees smarter and faster
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Stay compliant with labor laws
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